Cooperation, Acceptance

…. as the new phase of the European Cooperation between the brother-sisterhood Nations of Greece, France and Germany is to be completed, let us remember that we have brought peace of peoples to an event. All together with a playful mood and a deep need to embrace the world. Such a thirst for love and respect.
Active action
Cultural diversity
Let’s support the youth programmes with all our GUT POWER
The Game is our tradition
Gravity and Seriousness is an acquired lie.
Let’s see the courage and the love of our youth to be Inspired!

We thank the Participants, the Teamer, our Partners “Interkurturelles Network” , “Decodanse”, the EWOCA3-Workcamp family, the German-French Cooperation office, the German Ministry for Family, Elderly, Women and Youth,
The IBB Team, The Erasmus +programme and all the people who participated in all the beautiful 9 years with 17 countries countries participating.
We propose instead of cutting the funds, to see what is happening to the youth of Europe, to listen to us and to see that our vision of the world is inevitable.
We Claim Our Peaceful Rights, The Funds for/of YOUTH
The destroyed world you are giving us We Transform it again into Harmony

The coordinating group of intercultural exchanges
Of Zathay

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